Welcome to Agile BI City

Thank you for choosing Agile BI City as location for your next city trip. We are happy to serve you as travel guides and as with any other city trips, one key instrument is having a city map:

With our city map you are all set for your visit to start! It identifies the various districts and stops for establishing and developing Agile BI in an organisation.

Depending on your overall goal, you can take different roads and of course, depending on your requirements, skip certain areas if not needed. Therefore, the city map can help you in a broad range of situations, starting from "dashboard only" projects to full-fledged, multi-layered data warehousing and BI solutions.

Take a tour with us trough the districts of Agile BI City

It's time to grab your city map and hop on our city-tour-bus to start our little journey through the various districts of our city.

We hope you will enjoy the trip and get a lot of useful content around Agile BI projects and how to implement them.

But now, let's start the city-tour:

You can either take a video tour with our guide Raphael:

Presentation in German (without subtitles)

And/or explore the city by yourself by clicking on the icons on the map:

Thank you for having visited our city

We hope you liked our little city trip and maybe you will extend your stay by having a look at our upcoming book HOW TO SUCCEED WITH AGILE BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE and learn more about Agile BI City and its districts.


Book your own city tour with your personal city guide from IT-Logix




Take courses and test your knowledge at the city's own university




If you want to learn more about Agile BI City, then have a look at the upcoming book HOW TO SUCCEED WITH AGILE BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE. The book will be available for preordering mid of September and officially launched on Amazon on October 24th. Stay tuned!