Book your own Agile BI City Tour

What awaits you on your own city tour?

Take a walk through Agile BI City and discover the success factors that are crucial for your BI project.

Your office space will be transformed into the 7 districts of Agile BI City and you will then visit the more than 30 sights together with our city guide. There you will learn what you need to consider for your agile BI project. Variety and exciting insights are guaranteed!                  
As a practical orientation aid, you will also receive our Agile BI City map, so that no one gets lost on the tour and so that you can also explore the city on your own.                                   

On request, the tour is rounded off by a small but fine aperitif.

If you are interested in an Agile BI City Tour, please fill out the form below and an IT-Logix City Guide will contact you immediately to discuss the details of your tour.


Aglie BI City Tour Booking


Take courses and test your knowledge at the city's own university




If you want to learn more about Agile BI City, then have a look at the book HOW TO SUCCEED WITH AGILE BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE