the beach is the place where the fun with agility starts

What's better than a nice and sunny day at the beach? And that's exactly how we want to start our tour. But hey, it's best to pack your agile mindset in addition to your bathing gear, because we won't just be lying in the sun all day.


In Foundation Beach, you can explore the fundamental concepts of both "Agile" and "Business Intelligence." A crucial aspect of this learning journey is understanding "Common Language." Ronald Damhof's Data Management Quadrants model serves as a highly effective communication tool for these concepts.


The envision and explore cycles are key iterative planning processes within Agile project management. The envision cycle concentrates on project planning by formulating a project vision, defining scope and boundaries, and establishing a high-level release plan, with each release typically lasting three to four months. Conversely, the explore cycle focuses on development through short iterations, involving planning, implementation, and ongoing exploration of end-user requirements, data availability, and potential solutions. Feedback loops between the cycles enable adapting the release plan based on lessons learned during development. Beyond an iterative-incremental project process, Agile is founded on core values and principles, such as daily collaboration between business and IT professionals.



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