release yourself... or your project

Your backpack is now full of knowledge around agile BI. Now it's time for implementation. And this is the right place to do it, because this is the island where projects take off.


At Release Island, you can explore managing a project release. The "Inception" station offers guidance on effectively initiating a new BI/DWH implementation project. Several objectives should be achieved during the inception phase, such as "Explore Initial Scope," "Form the Team," and "Identify Architecture Strategy." Whatever is addressed in the inception phase serves as a foundation. For example, the goal "Explore Initial Scope" implies that you should consider the rough scope of your future solution before diving into development. However, requirements gathering is not limited to the inception phase and continues throughout the project. Requirements can be divided into various categories:


During the construction phase, requirements are carried out in small increments, often referred to as "stories." A story should always have an "end-to-end" characteristic, such as obtaining data input (e.g., from a source system), processing the data, and making it actionable through a user-facing application. By the end of the construction phase, you should have a significant set of implemented increments ready for release into "production." The transition phase allows time to finalize deployment, complete necessary documentation for operations, and train users.



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