This wonderful view is reserved for strategists

From these picturesque hills you have an excellent overview of the entire city. But be careful, in this district you will need foresight.


In Vision Hills, you can discover how to craft a strategy for your Business Intelligence organization. This strategy consists of several elements, starting with an overarching plan that includes the vision, mission, and strategic objectives (“umbrealla strategy”). This plan is further divided into three substrategies: processes and organization, data architecture and processing, and data usage. For each substrategy, it is crucial to establish guiding principles and outline transformation steps that lead to the accomplishment of strategic goals.


Developing a strategy is closely tied to the process of gathering requirements. In an agile environment, there is no distinct "requirements phase". Instead, requirements are discussed at the strategic level, refined at the tactical level, and ultimately broken down into manageable parts at the operational or project level. Requirements gathering is a communicative process that involves the content (requirement topics), the method of communication (requirements analysis process), and supportive tools. The IBIREF framework (IT-Logix Business Intelligence Requirements Engineering Framework) provides predefined elements, such as checklists and templates, for these three areas.



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